Cinema Advertising

With hundreds of people visiting the cinema each week to watch their favourite Hollywood films, cinemas are a great place to advertise your brand or your product.

In fact, studies show that cinemas have one of the highest engagement scores, and the lowest avoidance scores, and this comes as no surprise considering there is nothing else to do while at the cinema and the ads are seen as part of the cinema experience. Cinema provides a 360-degree marketing environment, which is uncluttered and shown to its audience in a relaxed environment and an open-mind, perfect timing to get your message out to them. They offer unique opportunities to be creative, build atmosphere, convey emotion, and use the ad to fully engage the audiences’ attention.

Some Of The Advantages of Cinema Advertising:

● Delivers your message to a truly captive audience

● Your marketing team can be creative and use full sight, sound and motion to make an impact

● Advertiser’s company image is often boosted by the association with the movies on the big screen in full colour.

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