Limassol Arena Advertising

Alphamega Stadium

Limassol Arena Advertising, your gateway to harnessing the immense potential of stadium panels to elevate your brand’s visibility and impact. Three categories of dynamic advertising panels: High Resolution Led Panels, Static Panles & 3D Carpets

Alphamega Stadium

New High Resolutions LED Panels

3 Sided Perimeter LED panels
240 meters long
1 meter height
15 seconds spots

Maximum Exposure – Brand Awareness

Your advertising message is repeatedly being displayed on the LED panels during the match action, thus brand value and emotion are added via the imagery of sports.

Static Panels

3 Sided STATIC panels
5 meters long
1 meter height
14 spots

Static billboards offer an unmissable opportunity to showcase your brand’s message in a compelling and visually engaging manner

3D Carpets

3 Sided 3D Carpets panels
11.5 meters width
4 meter height
9 spots

Experience advertising like never before with our innovative 3D carpets. This unique advertising medium ensures your brand stands out from the crowd, making a memorable impact on everyone present.

Total of 40 games for the championship and all cup games live on join platform (CYTAVISION, PRIMETEL, CABLENET).

All live games will be broadcasted in HD quality production.

Multiplication of visibility through highlights on all domestic TV channels.

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