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Nothing says “we’re a big deal” quite like outdoor advertising. It’s impactful, it’s impossible to ignore — it’s just… big! Buying big ads shouldn’t be a big headache. Learn how Billboards Cyprus makes outdoor ads easy for you! Billboards are positioned in key locations right across the island, on roads with commuters drive every single day, twice a day, maybe more.
These boards, as large as they are, are hard to miss! Some of them run up to 24m in length. Here at Billboards Cyprus, our sales consultants can help you select the right site positions and check availability for you. Billboards are a dominating presence on the island, and are a form of advertising that cannot be turned off, ignored, thrown away or unread, and remains as a true form of 24/7 advertising. Located on key highways, intersections and high traffic zones, billboards are here to stay – and they’re here to make a big impact!

Our highway billboards can be found:

  1. Limassol – Nicosia
  2. Nicosia – Limassol
  3. Limassol – Larnaca
  4. Larnaca – Limassol
  5. Larnaca airport – Limassol
  6. Limassol – Larnaca airport
  7. Limassol – Paphos
  8. Paphos – Limassol
  9. Limassol – Paphos airport
  10. Paphos airport – Limassol

They are hard – virtually impossible, to miss!

If you would like to find out more about our highway billboards, call us on: +357 25 261 060.

Alternatively you can drop us an email at: info@billboardscyprus.com, or fill in our Contact Form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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