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Billboards Cyprus is backed by more than 10 years’ experience in sales operation, and we understand the way the industry works and the point of difference in our model is that we aim to bring you options that will satisfy your business goals.

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Trivision billboards are a great way to show visuals without using too much power.

What is a trivision board? As implied, it is three individual images, or messages, can be displayed on a Trivision which is also known as a three-message out of home advertising sign. They move and they are able to carry more than one message.

We focus on exquisite design and functionality. We use the most reliable and best performing components available.

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The average number of people in Cyprus spends:

3hrs10mins every day on the road.
Around 16 minutes per day in the view of advertisements.

Why not target your audience during this window of opportunity?
According to HubSpot, Americans spend almost 300 hours each year in their car. 71% of these people consciously look at billboards when they’re in their car.

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