In a world obsessed with Tweeting, Sharing, Following and Vlogging, there are still OOH advertising techniques that still thrive in Cyprus, like billboards.

Last time you travelled from Nicosia to Limassol, you would have noticed some attention-grabbing designs and the catchy phrases on a billboard. The truth is that billboards are still an effective marketing tool for businesses in Cyprus, capable of attracting people’s attention and boosting their sales. Whether it’s a product launch, campaign launch, or special offer, billboards are an effective way to spread the word and reach potential customers. 

Billboards remain a timeless advertising technique in Cyprus, providing an opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of potential customers in an instant. With a limited window of only two to three seconds to engage viewers, creating an eye-catching message that is both brief and intriguing is essential. It should be no more than seven words, succinctly explaining how the product or service can benefit them.

Even though the viewing period is brief, the frequency rate of these billboards is extremely high, as commuters travel the same routes daily. This makes them a powerful way to reach an audience over and over again, increasing the chances of viewers taking action. When executing a billboard campaign, it’s important to consider the area it will be placed in, the message being conveyed, and the visuals used to make it stand out from the rest.

Not only is the message being frequently viewed, but billboard advertising also allows you to position your message strategically. For example, if you want to attract customers to eat at your store, you can place a billboard up the right with an arrow leading drivers there. 

You choose the location that will attract the type of viewers you want your message to reach.

Billboards Cyprus

How to plan an effective billboard campaign: 

-Pick a spot in Cyprus that has the desired amount and type of traffic for maximum visibility.

-Make sure the message is concise and attention-grabbing to draw in viewers.

-Maximize the reach of the billboard by also utilizing radio and social media to promote it.

-Tap into the repeat viewer factor by making sure the billboard is visible to travelers who pass by multiple times a day.

While there is an increased emphasis on digital and digital advertising, the world is changing and consumers are also becoming for ‘digital’ (e.g digital nomads) and travelers, which thus makes billboards an attractive option for gaining more viewers’ attention as they are passing through.