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Creating Sensational Video Ads for Businesses

Billboards Cyprus is an outstanding Outdoor Digital Advertising Media. It is developed in premium Locations in Limassol using high quality Led Screens (Leds) ehich are viewable day and night. It meets the demands of our Digital Era as it combines the advantages of Tv, Social Media & Outdoor Advertising. It Breaks the barriers of Traditional Advertising and provides Target Market Effective and Massive Promotion using 10 seconds animated spots that crab vieer attandance, boost up brand awarness of advertised companies and Make the Difference For Them! And Last for best: Prices from 1.5cents per spot. Forget the Old Era advertising solutions and make an outstanding promotional campaign  using Billboards Cyprus Advertising Network. 

Why Choose Limassol ?

Limassol is the Business Centre of Cyprus, the city of Growth and Prosperity. With Many Offshore Companies, a booming development in prosperity and many wealthy Russians , Limassol is the most desired to advertise city in Cyprus. 

Why Led Advertising?

Led Advertising Increases brand awareness 15 times more than traditional advertising. Compared to Static Boards they are cheaper, they drive more attention, and increase sales rates.

Why Choose Video Ads?

As we had entered 2019, the industry analysts and visionaries in the marketing arena were speculating one thing of the rise of video ads. Yes, regular conventional ads are still there.

However, if you just log into a social media site or even a microblogging site, you will not be able to scroll past without an article or an ad in the video format.

Many businesses are now eager to allow a big portion of their marketing expense on the creation of video ads. In Cyprus, Limassol Outdoor advertising firm has joined this league and created some cool and effective video ads.


Why are Video Ads Trending Now?

Increased viewership: Over 4 billion people spend a good amount of time watching videos on YouTube every day. People are spending more than 100 million hours every day on Facebook alone watching the video ads. That just speaks of the volume of a market you can achieve.

Great returns with catchy videos: Creating video ads is no big deal if you have a designer onboard. There are many means to do them and yet, in terms of reach vis-à-vis the expense of posting, you are getting sufficient returns. Almost 83% of the businesses claim to benefit a lot with these video ads.

Get better visibility on Google: If you think the existing content on your site or on any other social media site is not really picking up, try making videos. You can post and share the videos on various social media platforms. That just makes the site rank better on Google search engine. Remember to use the hashtags well and reasonably appropriate.

Mobile users watch more ads: This is a fact that mobile users of social media sites and even YouTube watch many ads throughout the day. They may spend a lot more time than desktop users. Knowing this detail, today the entrepreneurs are making videos, specifically in the dimensions to fit mobile screens.

Better conversion: A report says that almost one-third of the viewers end up buying that product. So, this kind of conversion is a strong reason for the companies to hire Limassol billboards to help in creating such video ads.

To get effective video marketing strategies, contact us at Limassol. Go through our previous video content portfolio to have a clear idea of the type of work we offer.


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Those guys are amazing!! They help me by providing their best services every day!!! Totally recommended!!!
Alexandros Kyriakou


Superb customer service, excellent professionals with fresh ideas and the will to succeed
Andri Nathanael


I have been working with these guys for 1 year. Extremely friendly and helpful and their service is nothing short of excellent!
Antreas Theocahrous


Amazing team! Professionals in the field. Highly recommended!
Constantinos Xenofontos


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