LED Billboards- The New Age Solution to Outdoor Appeal

Are you a business looking for catchy billboards at any of the famous crossings in Limassol? Contact us at Billboards Cyprus to seek our ideal solutions for your business billboard. We are the forerunners in the business of LED billboards in Limassol.

Why LED Billboards now?

There is an excellent potential for businesses that are different and a league apart. There are traditional advertising tools already in use for generations. Thanks to digitalization and electronic advancements, it is quite possible, for us to go for LED billboards. We are taking our Limassol LED advertising very seriously, and we are helping businesses get striking ads for putting up on top locations across the city.

With the rise in the number of foreign investors coming into Limassol, Video billboards are the best solution in hand. These run videos at prominent locations for all the potential buyers and clients.

What Makes Our billboards Special?

We, from Billboards Cyprus, are specialists in creating Limassol outdoor advertising unique. We run demos for our clients to make their pick for the ads. The clients are free to give their content, and we use it directly on the billboards.

Our teams of advisors are there for you to help in picking the right type of ads to run and the time duration for each ad. You may want the ads to run after a specific ad or at a particular time. We will take care of each of your specifications.

Since people spend a lot of time on a day on the road, they end up also catching a glimpse of the ads on the billboards. Many even make their buying decisions then and there watching the ads. That is what makes our LED billboards so unique. Our designers and customer support teams are also available to assist you 24/7.