Led Screen

External LARGE-SCALE LED Advertising Billboard with High Resolution, located in the busiest and most popular central area of Limassol, Cyprus, providing the most ideal way to instantly and interactively transmit your message to the public.


Sign Type: LED

Screen Dimensions: 7m x 3m

Active Surface: 21 sq.m

Artwork Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Led Technology Commercial road with continuous car flows

Spot Duration: 10 sec

Max Loop Duration: 100 sec (Guaranteed every Traffic Lights)

Spots per Day – 750 times / day

Spots per Month 22,500 times / month

Average car traffic: 70.000 / day

Average Views per Day: 100.000 / day

Billboard Advertising Hours: 06:00 – 23:59

Spot Information

Timing sec: 10

Share: 10%

Minutes per day: 129

Minutes per month: 3.870

Total spot per day: 774

Total spot per week: 5.418

Total spot per month: 162.540


Max Clients: 10
Max Loop: 100 seconds

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